May 24, 2013
On the first page adgain

It wasn’t really good times for me. I didn’t upload images to Shutterstock about 2 years. This winter I resumed uploading. Well, my image is on the first page popularity shutterstock vectors. It’s pity, rather stupid one, but it’s Shutterstock …


April 18, 2013
Like old good times

I was horribly wrong, thinking Shutterstock keeps changes was happened in 2009-2010. It was a good trend start when it was turned that download amount depends on image quality but uploading tricks and timing. 

Believing naively in image quality I used to ignore that freaking trics and my downloads was steadily going down about 2-3% a month. In April I tried to upload images like in good old times and was really surprised. 39 pictures make my download grow 60% immediately. Hence now I chittered with uploading 32 vectors. 

Oh poor, poor shutterstock designers, that makes you to have to download recent uploaded garbage but images you naturally need. It’s pity, but it’s not bad. I know how raise my downloads again. Excelent quality plus that freaking tricks — I’ll help you to have good vectors ( :

February 24, 2013
Oh, it works!


I used to be really sceptical about effectivity of sets and galleries on Shutterstock. I’m not only shutterstock contributor but buyer also. Buying images I’m using search tool only. There are mountains of garbage at Shutterstock, hence finding one descent picture I take autor’s name and continue searching in his portfolio. It’s a good point to avoid stupid digging through trash heaps. There is really easy and effective way to search inside portfolio trying different keyword combinations. I never used to need any other kind of search tool. So I didn’w waste a time to create image sets in my portfolio. But returning from my winter trip I was too lazy to start working and I was doing everything instead of work. Well, I made 20 thematic sets in my portfolio. Next day I was extremally surprised. It works! It really works! Buyers gonna take not single images, but several images from the set. The sales rised immediately for 10-15%.

The sets of my latest and best images here.

February 14, 2013
Waiting for review

Well, it’s happened! Images have being waiting for review at Shutterstock were at last reviewed! Oh! 3 weeks where needed Shutterstock to review 26 vectors. I was not really relaxed first weeks of my indian trip so in Khatmandu I drawn some illustrations for Shutterstock. That pictures looks good, bat there where a problems with electricity and internet in Nepal, so images where waiting to be uoloaded in India.

3 weeks agoo I was in Varanasi, and it was really difficult to finde wi-fi to upload pictures. From Kashi, via Allahabad with incredible mess of  Kumbha Mela I went Delhi and old sikh in Paharganj gifted me obsolete one rupee note. It was pouring rain when we arrived and really cold in evening. I never used to see before so heavy rains in Delhi in January. Images kept waiting  for review. 


I took a train to Kota. In night next to Kota junction I was cheated  by chaiwalla and rather queer extremally dirty white coat guy. I found a sleepy and lazy cops in an empty and dark junction area and forced them to detain those dudes and give me back my money. Cops and crooks said me good-byewere naturally turned to stones, not undestanding what fucking was I. Images kept waiting  for review.

I muved to Bundi, I was exploring Bundi fort and Palace, I found trunk full of ancient manuscripts in abandoned premises of Rao’s palace. I had a trip to bhil’s villages and Ramrshwaram place, I unsuccessfully trid to translate sample pages of discovered manuscripts, and noone of locals could help me even brahmins and pujaries or stuff of Bundi museum. Well … Images kept waiting  for review.


I went to Udaipur, visiteg Ahar, finally translaned two pages from found parchments. I had a kind of fiting with drunked muslims in Nay, I finally seettled the problem of “eays of bhill’s stones”… Well … Images kept waiting  for review.

I took a bus to Bombay. I continued cllecting materials for guidebook on zoroastrian Mumbai, lurking through Santa Crus and Fort areas. And images kept waiting  for review.

I took a train to Goa. I stoped in Vagator. Actually I hate Goa, bat there where not other options to me this year. I spent  a week drinking rum and and smoking ganj in “last hippie” with Sheyla, I was bloody arguing with local hindu priest about Renuka-Yellama and ineradicable tradition of shameful hypocrisy in Hindu culture. And images kept waiting  for review.


I Returned to Mumbai to continue my strange experienses of it. Finally, deep in the night  sitting at the suburb platform and waiting for at train to Victoria Terminus and looking at asphalt spat with betel, I understood again that I really hate India. Images kept waiting  for review.

I spent 4 hours witing in line for registration in the fucking Chhitrapatti Shivaji airport, the most horrible airport I ever seen. Finally I returned home. I was extremally tired, I had beeng slipping 3 days and take back to my work but … Images kept waiting  for review.

Days passed by and this morning natural miracle was occured! I received a letter from Shutterstock — my images, drawn in Khatmandu was reviewed at last. But … Oh, it’s nothing, half of buth was rejected cause of revewer’s mistake.

I feel time of my life and Shutterstock time have got really different scales. It’s pity, bat it works. The first freaking sale of new content after my winter hollydays.